Room Reservation Guidelines

The Function Rooms at Clocktower Place are available for use by all residents in “good standing” on a reservation basis. The following outline is provided for your information.


(1) To reserve a Function Room, please call the office as soon as you have made the decision that you want to reserve the room. Reservations around the holidays should be made well in advance.


(2) The office will need to know: the type of function you are having, the exact date and hours, a guest list, if you plan to bring in decorations and/or furnishings and any additional information pertinent to the event. This information will be provided to Clocktower Place staff and/or security people the date of your event. The function room closes at 11:00 P.M.


(3) All reservations must be accompanied by a damage deposit, in the form of a check made to Clocktower Place. The damage deposit amount will be Two Hundred and Fifty ($250.00) Dollars. The purpose of the damage deposit is to provide reimbursement to Clocktower Place in the event the “Usage Conditions” are not met. “Usage Conditions” include, but are not limited, to the following:

  • -The resident is responsible for returning the Function Room to the condition the room was in prior to the event. Floors must be vacuumed, kitchen counters, equipment, and appliances cleaned with all food removed, all rubbish bagged and removed, restroom returned to a reasonable state of cleanliness, and any and all furnishings returned to their original placement in the room.
  • -The damage deposit obtained upon reservation of the room will in no way be considered to be the maximum charge in the event of damage or vandalism by you or your guests to the function room, furniture or accessories, or any common area of Clocktower Place. Charges for said damage or vandalism will be assessed by the Property Manager.
  • -The damage deposit will be returned to you following inspection of the function room and return of the key by a member of the Clocktower Place staff. In the event of a dispute of assessment of damages and subsequent charges, the Property Manager’s decision shall be final.

(4) On the day of the event, a key to the Function Room will be made available. You must come to the office to pick the key up. You are responsible for locking the room following your event. The key must be returned to the office the next business day. Should the key not be returned, a charge will be assessed.


(5) It is important that you urge your guests to car pool to your event and be sure to remember to tell them they can not park in the spaces designated for residents. They must either park in the City Riverside lot in a space not designated for Clocktower Place or in one of the City garages.


(6) In the event you plan to serve alcohol at your function, you must have an off duty police officer or security guard on duty. You may either contract privately with a security guard or with an off-duty city police officer and you must identify to the office whomever you have contracted with and provide further information regarding this person if the office requires the same. You are personally responsible for payment directly to security personnel you have hired. You are accepting liability to anyone served alcohol at your function so act responsibly. Please remember you are responsible for your guests at all times, in the function room and in the common areas. Violation of the function room policy will result in your not being allowed to us the room in the future.


Please be courteous to the neighbors of the function rooms. Our goal is to keep the rooms in excellent condition so that all residents may enjoy them many times over !!


Your signature on the PDF linked below acknowledges receipt of Function Room policy.


Download Room reservation guidelines PDF



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